Energy made of Biomass – Utilization of organic residual materials on the 21st October in Rehau

Energy made of organic residual materials is an important element of regional, peripheral and sustainable energy supply. Compared with NaWaRo, who got into critics, farming refuses, food and beverage waste or the usage of hospitality industry to produce power and heat, will be marketed here.

The panel Energy made of biomass – Utilization of organic residual materials on the 21st October in Rehau offers a platform for exchange all around the topic energy made of organic residual materials and shows trends and topics of prospective developments in this area.

You can find the program and the registration on the event page to the panel energy out of biomass in the event calendar. For members of Umweltcluster Bayern the participation fee amounts to 55€ plus VAT and 85€ plus VAT for non-members.

DWA ErnergieTage - Sewage and Biogas

We are looking forward to eventful days in Wuppertal.

The two-day event on the 8th and 9th September 2015 deals with the specific topics sewage and biogas. We, from atres and Cluster Ernährung are available on this conference for introducing our successful FABbiogas project and consulting.

Focus areas

Day 1: Sewage

  • Energy transition and effluent disposal – recent development
  • Energy-efficient sewage treatment in the field
  • Impulses from research for the field

Day 2: Biogas

  • New technical and legal requirements to biogas production
  • Innovative procedure of biogas production and usage
  • Emissions from purification and biogas plants

For more information the program flyer HERE.

FABbiogas Final Conference & Biomethane Workshop

We are looking forward to a great conclusion and a significant course in Brussels, Belgium.

The European Biogas Association provides a two-day event in September 2015, where all participants get the possibility to learn more about the FABbiogas project and the certain topic Biomethane Production. Revealing information will be presented and explained by selected experts.

"Completing the EU project FABbiogas with the final conference"

Main Topic:

  • Overview of biogas production and potentials of FAB industries
  • The national situation in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Poland
  • Technical achievements and best practise examples in biogas from FAB industries
  • Presentation of evaluation tools and feasibility studies

"Biomethane Production: Will cross-border trade be feasible in the future?" 

Main Topics:

  • The different pathways of biomethane production (anaerobic digestion, biomass gasification, power-to-gas)
  • Prospects of biomethane used as biofuel in transportation
  • Supplies of sustainable raw materials
  • Cross-border biomethane trade

For more information about the upcoming event HERE

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